Villa with pool in Marrakech

Located only a few hours from France, Marrakech is the ideal destination for travellers in search of exoticism and change of scenery. Many of you are looking for a villa with a pool in Marrakech. For a short or long stay, it is indeed an excellent choice for an unforgettable stay in Morocco.

The effervescence of its medina, the enchanting scents of its gardens, its varied landscapes, its fascinating architecture, the colours of its souks, its delicate honey and almond sweets, etc. make this city the pearl of Morocco.

With such a wide range of discoveries and activities, it is important to take time for yourself. For total relaxation, choose to rent a villa with a swimming pool in Marrakech!

Villa with private pool in Marrakech

Renting a villa with a private pool in Marrakech is a great way to relax after long days of sightseeing in the Moroccan sun. Having a private pool is a great advantage on holiday. Hotel pools are often crowded during the hottest part of the day. Opting for a villa with a private pool in Marrakech is the assurance of enjoying the peace and quiet of a pool just for you!

Have fun with your children in the water, read a book in the comfort of a buoy or take a leisurely swim in your pool!

Renting a villa with a swimming pool is also a good option to organise an event. Birthday, wedding, engagement, seminar, etc. your guests will surely enjoy a cocktail party or a buffet by the pool! In the evening, the illuminated pool offers a magical atmosphere. It will be the essential decoration asset of your event!

villa with pool in marrakech

We select the perfect villa for you

Our agency Villas and Riads of Morocco helps you to select the best villa in Marrakech with swimming pool according to your desires and your budget. We offer a rich catalogue of villas, riads and residences for all tastes.

We provide private villas with swimming pools for your holidays, weekends or events. All our rental villas are built to strict quality standards to provide you with the best in holiday accommodation.

Villa with heated pool

To enjoy your rental pool all year round, it is best to choose a villa with a heated pool. It is often hot in Morocco. For this reason, not all villas have a heated pool.

However, cool summer evenings and mild winter days do not always allow the pool to be heated naturally. It becomes unusable if the sun is not shining!

So choose a villa with heated pool in Marrakech if you want to swim or enjoy the water in the evening or in winter.

villa la siesta marrakech

The importance of a heated pool

A heated swimming pool is a criterion to be seriously considered when choosing a villa. 

Renting a villa with a heated pool in Marrakech allows you to enjoy swimming both day and night. Even in summer, if the air temperature is lower than the water temperature, the water will tend to cool down with time. Opting for a heated pool allows you to enjoy a constant temperature in any season at any time of the day or night.

This option also avoids the risk of bacterial growth in the water. Water at the right temperature, i.e. not too hot and not too cold, helps to control its colour and cleanliness. Pool water that is too hot can become a breeding ground for germs, while cold pool water can turn green.  

For clean pool water at a constant temperature all year round, opt for a villa rental with a heated pool.

Luxury villa with heated pool

Choose a luxury villa with heated pool is a must for a successful holiday. For your winter getaways, your summer holidays or your long weekends in Marrakech, it is the ideal solution to enjoy the water in any season.

Villas and Riads of Morocco, our agency of rental of residences in Marrakechoffers a wide choice of luxury villas with swimming pool. Modern villa or in a pure Moroccan style, luxury villa with heated swimming pool, exotic bar, solarium, large garden, hammam, artificial beach, etc. Some villas have suites, lodges and multiple bathrooms for an unequalled comfort! We have some exceptional luxury villas for rent, decorated by renowned interior designers.

Several styles of swimming pools are offered in these luxury villas in Marrakech small heated pool, large heated pool, infinity pool, pool with a shaded terrace, large heated pool, etc. There is something for everyone!

Renting a villa in Marrakech for a weekend is a good idea to organise a wedding, a seminar or an anniversary. The villa with heated pool can be the central element of your event. You can organise an original pool party style birthday party. Your guests are asked to come in swimming costumes for a party by the water. A gourmet buffet can be set up around the pool for a chic yet relaxed atmosphere.

villa dar cocoon marrakech

Surround yourself with a specialist

In the evening, the private pool of your villa can be illuminated to provide an enchanting setting for your guests. 

Organising an event around a heated swimming pool requires important logistics. It is necessary to think about the providers of your event such as the catering service, the rental of chairs, tables, buoys, the decoration of your villa and your heated pool, etc. To avoid the constraints linked to the organisation of such an event, we help you and take care of everything!

Our riad and villa rental agency in Marrakech has a team of experts in event organisation. We offer you a range of services to help you organise the most beautiful event in Marrakech! Catering service for the buffet or the meal by the pool, DJ for a concert around the pool, photographer, equipment rental, transportation, etc. we take care of everything! Entrust us with your event for a magical day in your luxury villa with heated pool!